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Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you access websites on the Internet.

Cookies help users navigate our website and allow us to adapt the content of our website according to the needs and preferences of users.

None of the cookies we use collect your personal information (for example, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses), and they cannot be used to identify you as an individual.

Below are the types of cookies we use and their purposes.

Mandatory cookies: provide navigation and basic functions of websites, for example, access of participants to sections of the website.

Functional cookies: Allow us to analyze the behavior of the website user and your choices (for example, your session key, language or region) so that we can save these settings and offer you a more personalized experience.

Advertising cookies: allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of our content marketing. These cookies are provided by our partners to track visits to websites and registrations of new players who came through advertising. We do not share your personal data (such as your name or email address) with affiliated partners, but only data about your visit to the site, which is collected directly by advertising cookies. However, data about your visit to the site may be linked to other personal data collected by suppliers from other sources. In this case, the processing of external data is governed by the notices and privacy policies of these external providers.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. Optionally, you can block some or all cookies, as well as delete those that have already been installed by changing your browser settings. However, we recommend that you do not block or delete cookies, as this may limit the use of our website.